Creating your own Success

We think we know what we think but do we control what we are thinking?  Or are we just going with the flow, going along with it, letting life take its course and not really making it happen it is just happening. Most of us have done that to a more or lesser extent. mindset

This is first of a 2-parter exploring the mind, conditioning and how we can manage it going forward.

Let’s think for a moment about who we think we are. What we believe and may have believed since childhood may not be exactly as it is.  We may have been conditioned to believe what is not completely true.  When we were children our parents made certain suggestions and gave us ideas because they probably wanted the very best for us and wanted a junior version of themselves.  Other people that we respected may have made certain suggestions and ideas on what we should be doing and how we should do things.

Basically what they were doing was conditioning us on how we need to think about certain things.  However, sometimes in trying to help others we make silly statements and at other times our statements can be just plain harmful. “You are not intelligent enough” or “you will never be able to do that” are the kind of statements that we reflect back on years later.

We may have gone through life believing these statements to be true.  If it was your parents, or somebody that you respected who said these things, you may have gone through life always thinking and believing that you are actually not intelligent enough to be able to do the things you wanted to do.  But of course that was only their opinion.

At the time it might have been because they were angry, or they spoke without too much thought – but you believed it.

Thought is extremely important for us in creating a successful life and where it is that we want to go.

Here are two very important facts to be absolutely aware of:
• We have 100% control over our thoughts
• We only ever think one thought at a time

If you want to achieve something, you have to believe that you can.  You have to see, in your own mind, your ability to be able to achieve the result that you want.  If you believe “I’m not very good at that”, you will never be good at it.  If you think “I will never be successful”, then you will never be successful.  You have to be able to focus to be able to achieve the result that you want.  Your thoughts have to be very strong and very powerful.

So if you control your thoughts, you think one thought at a time and you control which one you think, you will achieve great results!

We need to know how the mind works so that we can direct our sub-conscious mind to give us the results that we ask for, either good or bad.

Our mind is divided into two parts; the conscious and the subconscious.  Everything you’ve been told as a child, by parents, teachers and other grown-ups, goes straight into the subconscious and gets filed away immediately.  Information goes into the subconscious unrestricted up to the age of about 4 or 5.

For example, if you tell a small child that a wall is black, when in fact it is white, they will have no reason to disbelieve you. They need to take in information unrestricted to prepare them for survival in the world.  Just like any species of animal where the mother imparts invaluable information to her young to prepare them for survival.  As the leopard cub does not question its mother when she is giving it information it needs for survival.

At about the age of 4 or 5 another facility comes into action.  This is called the conscious mind.
If we liken the mind to a computer, think of the sub-conscious mind as being the hardware and the conscious mind as the software.

So, at 4 or 5, the conscious part of the mind checks and edits all of the information coming in and starts to make judgments.

The sub-conscious mind doesn’t know whether we are giving it good instructions or bad instructions, it just supplies whatever it is that we ask for.  If we say to ourselves “I feel terrible today”, we are just telling our sub-conscious mind to “feel terrible today”.  The sub-conscious mind has no feelings of its own and will just go ahead and give you a terrible day.   The sub-conscious mind does not know the difference between what you are thinking or saying to yourself and what is reality.

We can therefore direct our sub-conscious mind to give us the results that we ask for, either good or bad.  As the conscious mind directs the sub-conscious mind we need to take control of our thoughts.  If we allow random thoughts to go into our minds and they are thoughts that are not very good for us, the sub-conscious mind doesn’t care; it will just go ahead and do as you ask of it.  So if we continue to put positive thoughts into our subconscious mind then it will soon become a habit and will happen automatically.

hat concludes my first part of the power of the mind. Part 2 about how to control and manage it will follow shortly.