I was lucky enough to meet Jane through networking and we connected straight away. Jane has been in her job for a number of years – I was just starting out. I knew I was passionate about my new job, but also knew that I lacked confidence. Over a number of months Jane and I spoke on many occasions at our networking meetings; there was no hard sell, but I came to realise that if I wanted to succeed with my business I was going to need help and I signed up for some sessions. Jane sent through material a day or two before each session and we worked through it together. Each time we covered a different area, looking at what was needed to succeed (using examples) and how to break down barriers and/or change bad habits.  The most important thing is that you have got to WANT to make the changes, it isn’t an overnight miracle. However Jane gives you lots of different tools you can use to make the difference; she is always so supportive and helpful. The changes take time and perseverance to ensure old habits don’t creep back. However I am already feeling a very positive change about myself and my business and I am certain that this will help me make my business the success I really want. Thank you Jane. August 2016


Jane has helped me to change my mind set.  I now get up in the morning with a positive outlook and things are really happening for me!  It was a great decision to work with Jane.  Susan, Dorset.


Thank you Jane, I am feeling so good about myself, getting things done and my business is now making a profit!   Angie, RG45


I don’t know what you have done to me but you are a genius!  I don’t even think about food any more.  I can only eat half the amount that I used to eat and am completely satisfied with it.  I have lost 16lb in the last month and I feel fantastic – the best I have ever felt.  Thank you so much Jane.   Lesley, GU24


I have lost already lost a stone and a half, I am so pleased and my friend at work would like to come and see you!   Janice Williams


Just to let you know I lost another three and a half pounds this week!  I am over the moon, this is the lowest I have been in years and years and its all thanks to you!!   Dee, Bracknell


I have now lost two stone and I am feeling so good, thank you Jane I couldn’t of done it without you.   Karen Robinson


I’ve dropped a dress size already!  I’ll keep you updated, thank you for everything.   Barb Owen


I have never lost any weight before and now I have lost a stone already!  Thank you Jane, I feel amazing!   Rene, Bracknell

“Virgin Sceptic to Experienced Believer: As a hypnotherapy virgin I was sceptical, but despite this I lost almost 1 stone in 4 sessions.  Amazing!”   David Queen, Shepperton