The Confident Networker

The Confident Networker

Are you struggling to get clients? This workshop will stop that pain!

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Our Workshop on 15 November was a fantastic success!

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The Confident Networker Workshop Review

And due to popular demand we have now scheduled another workshop on the 23 February 2017


  • You will love the fantastic results that you get from this workshop.

  • We will show you how to build an amazing pitch with the WOW factor and then you will deliver it with complete confidence. You will then learn how to develop effective conversations.

  • We will take the pain out of your networking experience showing you how to maximise your networking investment by attracting new clients magnetically – almost magically!

  • Maximise your networking investment2

  • Build and deliver an engaging pitch

  • Develop effective conversations

  • Attract new clients


  • Thursday 23 February 

    1.00pm to 4.30pm






  • Ring for further details:  07786 938351

    Email for info or email to book:


    This is how we do it!2

    Registration / Coffee / Chat

    Good Speaker / Bad Speaker

    Construct Pitch

    Deliver Pitch with Feedback


    Effective Questioning

    Practice Session

    Guided Visualisation with “Mental Rehearsal”